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Introducing "Gribben Creek Mill~Barn Owl"

For October, I would like to feature "Gribben Creek Mill~Barn Owl.

This painting started with a new (to me) discovery of the remains of a 1850's mill. My sons and I were fly fishing in SE MN, and we drove back roads to find trout streams, which led us to our discovery of the old mill. All that stands, are the outer walls, the roof and pretty much everything else are gone. It looks to me as though fire destroyed the mill at some point. I found this site so inspiring, and wanted to immortalize it on canvas. I decided to add a Barn Owl sitting in the window. A Barn Owl just seemed to me to be a natural addition to the piece. You will also note, that trees are growing inside and can be seen through the window.

This painting sold, in the spring of 2020, and the new owner was quite enthusiastic about owning it.

This is one of my favorite pieces, and I remember painting every stone.


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